OMNI Brewing Opens New Winery in Rosemount

by | Jan 2023

DJ Leffin, Zack Ward and Justin Walsh of OMNI Brewing

Photo: Chris Emeott

OMNI Brewing is brewing more than just beer.

Omni translates to “of all things.” Through its beer and comfortable atmosphere, Omni Brewing in Maple Grove is a space where craft beer lovers and newbies alike can come together as one. For the owners, it’s all about making a connection.

Founders Justin Walsh and Zack Ward wanted to create a welcoming space for people with similar interests to gather. “Our world today does a lot of things to pull us all apart—both physical and emotional distance,” Ward says. “Taprooms, I feel, are one of the few places you can connect with your neighbor over a shared appreciation.”

OMNI Brewing Pint

The two fell in love with the taproom vibe for the product and the physical space. With an extensive home brewing background, Ward decided to go pro to share his love for bold flavored brews with others. Operating out of a former Schwan’s facility in Maple Grove, they worked to revamp the space to create the local laid-back atmosphere they always dreamed of. “It is different than the bars in college or a cocktail lounge … it is very unassuming,” Ward says. “I like the communal nature.”

Though beer is their pride and joy, the two also share a love for another aged beverage—wine. The brewery recently opened a new wine-concept venue called Omni Winery and Tap Room. What sparked this venture was the realization that not all their customers are “beer people.”

Red Wine

“The reason for doing it is sort of two-fold … our ethos is all kinds of beer for all kinds of people,” Ward says about their mission as a growing brand. “This [second location] will be a nice way for us to extend an olive branch to those who want a laid-back, casual experience but just happen to not drink beer.”

The new location will serve an array of craft wines (eventually they will produce their own lines), as well as some of the beers already tapped at Omni—the best of both worlds.

OMNI Brewing
9462 Deerwood Lane; 763.424.6664
Facebook: OMNI Brewing Co.
Instagram: @omnibrewing
Twitter: @OMNIBrewing


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