Eagan Art House Breaks New Ground

by | May 2024

May 7 groundbreaking at the Eagan Art House.

May 7 groundbreaking at the Eagan Art House. Photos: Al Kiecker

Enjoy the same great arts programming in a larger, more accessible space.

Since opening its doors in 1997, the Eagan Art House has served as a bustling hub for artists and aspiring artists with a variety of art classes and exhibit space. Given its age and popularity, it comes as no surprise that the community hotspot was in need of an update. 

Designs for the new Eagan Art House put an emphasis on sustainability and accessibility. On May 7, the City of Eagan held a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the new building, which kicked off construction that is expected to be completed in 2025.

We sat down with Tanya Mozingo, Eagan’s recreation manager, to learn more.

Cities South Magazine: Why do you think the Eagan Art House has been such an integral part of the community?

Tanya Mozingo (TM): The Eagan Art House has been a space for over 25 years for all ages to come and be creative. It has fostered an artistic experience for so many in the Eagan community and is a place where people find community and want to be.

What are some of your favorite things about the new building?

TM: The connection to Patrick Eagan Park will be incredible. We’ve been really intentional with lighting and connection to the outdoors to enhance the user experience. Nature is a beautiful place for inspiration and we are excited to bring art and nature together in the new building. 

We are also thrilled with the sustainability features that will be incorporated into the facility. The Eagan Art House will be the first city-owned facility to ditch fossil fuels, paving a way for a cleaner future. We are adding solar panels to our roof and using natural energy to heat and cool the space. Plus, we will have plenty of natural light and will restore the local prairie to keep things green.

A rendering of the new Eagan Art House.

A rendering of the new Eagan Art House. Image: JLG Architects

What kinds of new classes/activities will be available at the new building?

TM: We will continue to offer many of the great arts education programs we currently offer, including pottery programs, clay together classes, painting and drawing classes, exhibit space and community events. We are looking forward to accommodating more artists with a larger building instead of having folks on the waitlist. We will continue to explore new classes and activities as we open our doors and create new opportunities for people to experience the Eagan Art House.

What aspect of the new building do you think will have the most positive impact? 

TM: The increase in space will have the most positive impact in the new building. We will be able to welcome even more people to the Eagan Art House.

What are your hopes for the future of the Eagan Art House?

TM: We hope the Eagan Art House continues to be a place where people come to live creatively and find a place to connect and feel a part of the community. We hope that we can help nurture artists and aspiring artists alike. We hope that we can foster and lift up the vibrant arts community in Eagan.

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