Eat Your Water

by | Jun 2024

Plate of sliced watermelon.

Pexels/David Levinson

You’ve probably heard the eight glasses of water per day rule to help you stay hydrated, but did you know you can eat for hydration, too? It’s another reason to love all those summertime fruits and veggies—on their own or as part of a side dish. Here are a few options with high water content:

Watermelon: Water is in the name for a reason. A serving of watermelon contains over a half cup of water!

Cucumbers: These come in at 96 percent water with a satisfying crunch.

Tomatoes: Fresh or canned, these summer staples are about 94 percent water.

Strawberries: Freshly picked or tossed into a salad, you’ll enjoy a high water content, plus fiber and vitamin C.

Peaches: These sweeties are juicy, sweet and deliciously hydrating.

Dani Matthies is a registered dietitian. Looking for more hydration help? Learn from Hy-Vee dietitians in Eagan or Lakeville at


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