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Cities South April/May 2024 Issue

Confession: I have been threatening to take a sledgehammer to our living room wall for years. When we moved into our house almost 12 years ago, we loved it for its location and general layout but had pretty big dreams when it came to the kitchen, primary bedroom and bathrooms. And we would’ve dove into those projects head first, except we moved with a 6-month-old baby and then quickly added another baby to the mix and then another one. Then came COVID-19 and the requisite puppy, and … well, you get the idea.

Big house projects have been back-burnered, and my frustration continues to simmer, which is why I eagerly read designer/architect Kimberly Kiger’s advice in KSK Designs Shares Small Ways To Make a Big Difference. Her ideas have me pondering some easy fixes—like addressing the lighting situation in our living room and rethinking our art choices throughout the house—to tide me over until the stars align, and I can finally swing that sledgehammer.

In the meantime, I might have to swing a pickleball paddle instead. After researching and reading about pickleball for this issue, it feels like there’s two types of people: Those who have never tried pickleball and those who LOVE it. I have yet to try the sport, although I’ve definitely watched its growth these past 15 years with interest. Check out Pickleball Takes Local Communities by Storm to discover how Fuyei Xaykaothao’s quest to be a “cool dad” inspired him to launch a line of pickleball paddles, take a peek at Chip’s Pickleball Club, a new private indoor pickleball club in Eagan and explore how you can get started with our guide Pickleball Courts and Tournaments Around Town.

Whether it’s a newly refreshed living space or a new sport, I hope you get to enjoy the renewal of spring these next few months!


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