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by | Dec 2023

Vanished in Vermillion

Vanished in Vermillion

Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism by Amanda Montell

What causes people to join groups with dangerous or troublesome outcomes? Author Amanda Montell argues that it is the power of language through words, phrases and mantras that are used not only in “cultish” groups but also in modern marketing techniques. Through the lens of charismatic leaders, multilevel marketing companies and fitness groups, this fascinating book examines how our everyday lingo and social media influencers hold sway over our lives.

Her Country by Marissa R. Moss

Award-winning journalist Marissa R. Moss examines the country music industry’s changing wave through the journeys of three feminist artists: Kacey Musgraves, Mickey Guyton and Maren Morris. In an industry historically dominated by men, Moss shines a light on issues like sexism, racial discrimination and harassment from country radio to label executives. A powerful read that shows us where country music is reaching new audiences and fans.

Vanished in Vermillion by Lou Raguse

KARE 11 News reporter Lou Raguse analyzes the investigation of the 1971 disappearance of two teenage girls in rural South Dakota. The cold case stretches through decades of mystery, false leads and questionable witnesses. Readers will be riveted from the very first page, trying to figure out the answers and put the pieces of the puzzle together. A great read from a Minnesota author.

Stacy Price is an adult services librarian
at Heritage Library in Lakeville.


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