Wake Up Call With Gus Dean Coffee

by | Jun 2023

Gus Dean Iced Coffee with Coca-Cola

Photo: Chris Emeott

Need an extra caffeine and flavor boost to perk up? Gus Dean, also known as “The Coffee Guy”, adds Coco-Cola to his Mocha Java Cold Brew. “Mocha Java has a rich coffee flavor, a natural sweetness and notes of dark chocolate that blend well with most ingredients,” Dean says, adding that the brew, made from Ethiopian and Sumatran beans, is the perfect foundation for cold brew drinks.

Coke and Cold Brew

Makes 1

  • 1 part Coca-Cola
  • 1 part Mocha Java Cold Brew concentrate
  • ice

Pour equal parts Coca-Cola and cold brew in a glass filled with ice. Enjoy!


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